Monday, August 30, 2010

Diving in Utila, Honduras

Wednesday  July 14, 2010

After taking the refresher course yesterday, I was excited about diving for the first time since Thailand, almost 18 months ago. We made 2 dives in the afternoon and saw beautiful coral and fish. We also saw a moray eel and also turned around and saw a 2-2.5 ft barracuda about 6 feet away from me. We are going to the North Shore tomorrow which takes about an hour to get to and will make 2 dives there and grab lunch at some beautiful site I am told. Though not the regular season, some Whale Sharks have been spotted there recently. I would love the opportunity to swim with these docile creatures. Probably will dive 10 times while here and then to El Salvador for a few weeks and finish it off back in Antigua for my finale.

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