Saturday, September 4, 2010

Diving the Blue Hole ??????

Monday July 5, 2010

After serious debate over the last 3 days I finally decided to dive the Blue Hole. I was told to come by at 5 pm to get outfitted and pay. Around 4:30 I stopped at a local watering hole for a beer and chat with the locals before going to the dive shop. I asked a few locals who had dived the Blue Hole what they thought and was told I would most likely be disappointed but that the other 2 dives included were nice. For $190 US I expect more than disappointment and 2 nice dives. The Blue Hole is also 2.5 hrs by boat and it is supposedly a very rough ride. One I would have made had it been spectacular. The locals said that due to the depth (120 ft.) you only have about 7 minutes when you reach your deepest point. Will save that money for extra diving in Honduras which is also supposed to be spectacular.

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