Friday, September 10, 2010

San Cristobal to Palenque, Mexico

Monday June 28th

Left rainy San Cristobal in hopes of better weather at Palenque. I took the 1st class bus today because it left earlier and was only $3 more. The extra comfort (reclining seat), movies and air con made the 6 hr bus ride much easier. There was also a toilet on board. What will they think of next. lol  Guess I have been riding too many "chicken buses". Beautiful weather for the ride through the mountainous southern Mexico terrain. The winding roads, beautiful scenery and knowing one wrong turn could end the bus down one of the deep ravines provide an additional rush.

Getting up early to view the Palenque ruins. Supposedly they are quite spectacular. Hopefully post pictures of the ruins tomorrow before my 8.5 bus and boat ride to Flore, Guatemala to see the famous Tikal Mayan ruins.

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