Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Manuel Antonio National Park (monkeys, monkeys, monkeys)

Wednesday June 16, 2010

We left early for the park to hopefully see the monkeys in action. We were not disappointed. We saw lots of monkeys, many within 1-2 feet. We also saw sloths, iguanas and a long non-poisonous snake slithering down our path. Unfortunately no one other than me brought a bathing suit, mostly due to the sunburn that we all encountered yesterday. The private beaches at the park were beautiful, uncrowded and very clean. The park provides several bathroom facilities, showers and drinking water throughout the park for only $10 per person with children under 12 free. If you come here pack a lunch, ice chest and plenty of sunscreen and make a complete day of it. The only injury of the day was when a monkey dislodged a 1.5 ft. long rotten tree branch and it fell on Madison's head. She is okay but let everyone know she was in discomfort. lol

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